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Blog: Criminal Defense

  • Understanding Pennsylvania’s Three Strikes Law: What You Need to Know

    Dec 18, 2023

    Context about 'Three Strikes' Laws in the U.S. The criminal justice system in the United States has seen numerous reforms and legislation aimed at reducing crime and ensuring public safety. One such measure is the "Three Strikes Law," a controversial policy that exists in various forms across different states. In this article, we will focus on Pennsylvania's implementation of the Three Strikes Law, exploring its intricacies and consequences, and discussing how a skilled attorney, such...
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  • Understanding Your Right to Remain Silent

    Jan 4, 2023

    When facing law enforcement after being pulled over or approached on the street, you may not be sure how to proceed. This is further complicated if you find yourself detained – or even worse, placed under arrest. In proper due process, you should be read your Miranda Warning when placed under arrest. This is when you are informed that “you have the right to remain silent.” Did you know that you can also exercise this...
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  • What are the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Pennsylvania?

    Nov 28, 2022

    Finding yourself in the situation of being convicted of a crime in Media, Pennsylvania is never a good thing. Convictions of any kind will indeed carry serious consequences. This holds true whether you are convicted of summary offenses or misdemeanors – and especially felonies. You can face fines, community service, and even jail time in many circumstances. Of course, this is not always the end of the road, either. After serving your time or paying...
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  • How Does the Attorney-Client Privilege Work in Pennsylvania Criminal Cases?

    Oct 10, 2022

    Attorney-client privilege" is a term we often hear in the news and legal dramas, but many people have misconceptions about this fundamental and foundational principle of the adversarial legal system. This is what you should know about attorney-client privilege and when it applies in PA criminal law. What Is Attorney-Client Privilege, Exactly? Attorney-client privilege is basically the obligation of your legal representative to keep certain information about you — and provided by you — confidential...
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  • Understanding The Concept of a Citizen’s Arrest

    Nov 8, 2021

    Under Pennsylvania law, a citizen’s arrest is when a private individual makes or assists in the detainment of another person in a lawful arrest. Criminal law says the use of force is justifiable if law enforcement directed or summoned said person to make the arrest. The basic framework of a citizen’s arrest An individual may detain by force another individual if summoned or directed by a peace officer. In another circumstance, that individual may do...
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  • Making False Statements is Considered a Federal Crime

    Oct 8, 2021

    In Pennsylvania, you can be charged with a federal crime if you are found to be making false statements. If you have been arrested for this offense, it’s important to know what it means and how it can impact you. What constitutes false statements? Making false statements by lying in court or to the IRS, for example, is considered a crime against the government and carries serious repercussions. A person might be charged with making false statements...
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  • Types of criminal sentences

    Sep 24, 2021

    Pennsylvania and all other states have the authority to structure their statutes as the legislature sees fit, but they are structured similarly with respect to sentencing guidelines. Less serious crimes are classified as misdemeanors and only punishable by incarceration up to one year in a city or county facility. More serious crimes are classified as felonies and can carry a minimum of one year with more incarceration established according to increasing felony categories for more...
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  • How Does Fingerprint Evidence Work?

    Sep 10, 2021

    “Dusting for fingerprints” might not be the only evidence collection process that police perform, but it is the one that most people are familiar with. Law enforcement personnel take great care to find fingerprints at a Pennsylvania crime scene because the recovered evidence could be crucial during a trial. As the saying goes, no two fingerprints are alike, so fingerprints may deliver proof of guilt or innocence. The fingerprint collection process The first step involves...
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