Trusted Legal Guidance When Facing Terroristic Threats

Many people believe, with good reason, that the criminal charge of terroristic threats involves accusations of international or domestic terrorism. The reality is far different but still very serious. Any alleged verbal or nonverbal threat to commit a crime of violence can be considered a terroristic threat. In addition, anyone charged with terroristic threats will also be charged with harassment, a lesser but still serious charge. If you or a loved one has been accused of making terroristic threats, it is vital that you retain a lawyer who will present the strongest possible defense to these charges.

At The Law Offices of Joseph Lesniak, LLC, we provide zealous representation to individuals across southeast Pennsylvania accused of these crimes. Our attorney, Joe Lesniak, is a former special victim’s prosecutor with the Delaware County Office of the District Attorney and brings meaningful experience and insight to your case.

Providing A Tough Defense To Terroristic Threat Allegations

Our law firm makes a complete investigation into each case in order to determine all potential defense strategies. If there are weaknesses in the state’s case, we will find these weaknesses and advocate powerfully for the dismissal of these charges. For instance, there may be questions as to your intent, or if you even made the alleged threats.

Depending on the evidence, mitigation of the charges may be the appropriate strategy. Our Media terroristic threats attorney will help you explore proactive ways to show the judge and the prosecution that you are dealing with your specific issues. For instance, we may suggest you complete a psychiatric evaluation or an anger management course. Generally speaking, most people accused of this crime do not belong in jail. By taking constructive steps in the early part of your case, the judge will be more likely to grant a reduced sentence. Of course, we tailor our defense to the specific facts of every case. Our only goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome to the charges you face.

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