Understanding What Inappropriate Touching Is Under Pennsylvania Laws

Inappropriate touching is itself not a crime in Pennsylvania. Instead, “inappropriate touching” it is a term often used in conjunction with sexual assault, rape or child molestation charges to describe illegal contact that is sexual in nature. Indecent Assault is also a crime in which inappropriate touching is an element, but it also requires that the touching be for sexual gratification.

Inappropriate touching, or inappropriate contact, is often used to describe contact that is:

  • Unwanted sexual intercourse or other sexual acts
  • Unwanted touching of intimate areas of another’s body, such as the breasts or buttocks
  • Unwanted touching of non-intimate areas of another’s body, depending on the circumstances
  • Gestures or acts that could be interpreted as sexual solicitation
  • Touching that is inappropriate based on relationship, for example, sexual touching involving an adult and a child

A False Accusation Can Ruin Your Life

Every day false accusations are made. Unfortunately, whether accusations of inappropriate touching are valid or not, the impact to your reputation and personal relationships is the same: devastation.

As a former prosecutor in the Special Victims and Domestic Violence division of the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, lawyer Joe Lesniak has decades of experience working in the criminal justice system. He knows, firsthand, how aggressively the state pursues sexual assault allegations, and he knows how to build a strong and effective defense.

Do Not Wait To Get Legal Help

If you have been accused of inappropriate touching and are facing criminal sex charges, you need legal help immediately. These cases are aggressively investigated and prosecuted by police and the government. The longer you wait to get legal help, the worse it is for you.

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