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Common myths about DUIs in Pennsylvania

If you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint or by law enforcement, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities. Many laypeople try to understand the complex DUI laws and give advice, but you should go back to the criminal code and information you get from the Department of Motor Vehicles. In 2002, one person was charged with DUI, even though he was just sitting in the driver's seat. Here are some of the common myths of DUIs that you should know before you drink and drive.

How a DUI can affect your college student's future

If you have a child who is in college, you probably worry about his or her future, like many parents do. College presents a learning experience with many challenges, and the availability of alcohol may be one of them. If your child is charged with DUI, or driving under the influence, you may be worried about how a conviction could affect his or her life.

What to do if you get pulled over for a DUI over the holidays

During the holiday season, law enforcement increase DUI patrols and set up checkpoints across Pennsylvania. Even if you have only had one drink, it can be easy to panic and wonder what you can do when pulled over. If you have had too much to drink, it is even more important that you understand your rights.

Three good reasons to fight DUI charges

Soon, residents throughout Southeast Pennsylvania will ring in the unofficial start of summer and gather with family and friends to celebrate Memorial Day. Often, people like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two at backyard barbeques and gatherings and many also drive home afterwards.

Have a Fun and Safe Night Celebrating the Villnova Wildcats

On behalf of the Law Offices of Joseph Lesniak, we'd like to wish Villanova's Wildcats good luck at the NCAA March Madness Finals game tonight against the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Tar Heels.

3 Defenses To Drunk Driving

If you've been pulled over for drunk driving - and especially if you took the breath test and failed - you may thing your only option is to plead guilty. This is not true. There is always a way to defend yourself against DUI/DWI charges. Below are 3 common - and effective - defenses against drunk driving.

Pennsylvania appeals court: If a cop says you can go, you can go

Traffic cops really hope you'll talk to them when you're pulled over. It's not that they're lonely; they're hoping you'll divulge something incriminating. It's a routine tactic among traffic cops to drag out traffic stops in an effort to pressure you into confessing something.

High school coach faces DUI charges in Pennsylvania

Sometimes, people do ill-advised things when they are panicked and in a rush. One high school football coached may have reacted this way after an alleged drunk driving incident in Pennsylvania. He is currently facing DUI charges after supposedly fleeing the site of a crash.

Woman allegedly intoxicated for hearing on drunk driving charges

Being accused of a crime can have a devastating effect on a person's life, especially if the state gains a conviction. The implications of a conviction for drunk driving charges can prevent one from not only driving a car, but obtaining employment and desired housing as well. In addition to suspended driving privileges and fines, Pennsylvania laws also dictate prison time for repeat offenders within a certain time period.

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