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Caught with pot? Protect your college financial aid eligibility

With state after state legalizing marijuana possession for at least some purposes, it can feel like partaking in a little weed isn't a big deal anymore. Even though Pennsylvania hasn't legalized pot for any purpose, possession of a small amount of marijuana -- defined as 30 grams, or just over an ounce -- is often charged as a misdemeanor with very limited penalties.

Medical marijuana bill moving forward in Pennsylvania Senate

The Medical Cannabis Act -- currently Senate Bill 3 -- is back in the news. The bill, which was co-sponsored by Delaware County Sen. Daylin Leach, represents a renewed attempt to legalize medical marijuana after last year's effort passed overwhelmingly in the Senate but died in the House.  While it unanimously passed out of one committee yesterday, Leach realizes that some House members are likely to have questions and concerns, so additional discussions or possible amendments may be needed.

Pennsylvania man arrested for drug possession alleges brutality

A police commander recently made a public statement, saying that there are times when arresting officers must use physical force against a person in order to bring that person into custody. He added that such force may not always appear appropriate to the eyes of the public. A Pennsylvania halfway house inmate who was being arrested for alleged drug possession has claimed that authorities used brutal and excessive force against him.

76 arrested on drug charges in narcotics sting

Resulting from a drug sting in Schuylkill County, a total of 76 individuals were arrested on various charges. These individuals face drug charges for their alleged involvement in the distribution of narcotics throughout the area. The Pennsylvania authorities also suspect that many of the individuals are affiliated with gangs.

Pennsylvania man charged with drug possession after a death

Over the past several months, the news around the country has featured numerous stories concerning the number of people who have died from accidental drug overdoses. Some states, including Pennsylvania, have seen more than a dozen deaths linked to a possibly toxic batch of heroin. One man was recently arrested, charged with drug possession after his girlfriend was found dead.

Marijuana brownie baking students may face drug charges

Pennsylvania students who face drug charges while they are still at school may not realize the negative impact such charges could have on their lives. Not only are there potential criminal penalties, but a conviction on drug charges may limit career and employment prospects. In addition, a criminal drug conviction may remain on their records forever.

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