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Was the alleged Cardinals hacking a form of corporate espionage?

Suppose you really dislike one of your coworkers, although you acknowledge he brings interesting and useful new ideas. He announces he's leaving for another organization and taking some of your coworkers with him. You might be happy personally, but you recognize things will be harder without those innovative ideas. Then, just before he leaves, you come across a list of the passwords he and the other departing coworkers used while with your organization, and you suspect they'll probably use the same passwords at their new jobs.

What is a 'criminal use of a communications facility' charge?

If you've been charged with a crime under Pennsylvania law, you could face an additional charge if the crime you're accused of involved a computer, smartphone or tablet. The charge is called "criminal use of a communications facility," and a prosecutor can add it to any of a wide variety of criminal offenses, including:

Can Pennsylvania charge you with cyber-bullying another adult?

The Internet and social media have opened up many new options for getting in touch with people. Unfortunately, they've also made it easier for people to act -- sometimes anonymously -- without thinking things through.

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