Regaining financial aid eligibility after a drug conviction

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Drug Charges

When your child uses financial aid to help pay for college, he or she must reapply for aid each year they wish to use it. The Federal Application for Free Student Aid acts a series of questions during the application process to determine if your child is still eligible to receive aid. If your child received any drug convictions since applying for aid the last time, those convictions may jeopardize financial aid eligibility moving forward. 

Any type of drug violation, including those for simple possession, may cause your child to lose financial aid for a year or longer. However, there are two ways in which your college student may be able to start using financial aid again without waiting the full ineligibility period. 

By passing two drug tests

Your child may be able to start using financial aid without waiting the full ineligibility period by taking and passing two random drug tests. Your student must have an approved provider administer the tests to potentially regain financial aid eligibility early. 

By completing an approved program

Another way your college student may be able to regain financial aid eligibility early after a drug offense is by successfully completing a treatment program offered through an approved provider. 

It is important to note that, even if your child passes two drug tests or completes an approved program, it is still your family’s responsibility to let your financial aid office know when this occurs. If your child does so within a year of when he or she would otherwise have been eligible for assistance, your student may still be able to get any remaining aid available for that year.