One strange substance that might lead to intoxication

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2021 | Drunk Driving

Drivers on Pennsylvania highways need to watch their intake of alcohol to avoid a DUI charge. Most people also know that other substances such as some prescription drugs could result in intoxication charges.

Because it has some alcohol in it, kombucha tea raises some questions on whether drivers should avoid drinking it before getting behind the wheel.

The claims of a pro athlete

CBS reported on the claims of a pro football player that he became intoxicated by drinking large quantities of kombucha tea. Authorities placed the athlete under house arrest due to a prior DUI conviction in Arizona. Conditions of the house arrest required multiple tests for alcohol use, all of which he passed until he took one test after drinking several bottles of kombucha.

After the night in question, the athlete took the required blood alcohol test, which measured .055. This marked his first failed test after more than 500 tests measuring zero blood alcohol. He blamed the positive test on the kombucha, which does contain low amounts of alcohol.

The likelihood of intoxication from kombucha

MyRecipes wades into the question of kombucha and intoxication, concluding that getting drunk on the minor amounts of alcohol in the drink is highly unlikely. However, those with a low-alcohol tolerance could feel some effects from drinking a large amount of the tea. In general, eight bottles of kombucha equate to one bottle of regular beer.

A person who drinks that much kombucha would likely face other unpleasant side effects. These include gas, bloating and diarrhea. Out of an abundance of caution, people who are sensitive to alcohol might want to avoid drinking large quantities of kombucha before driving.