Judge sends Pennsylvania serial bank robber back to prison

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Federal Crimes

Few federal crimes are as serious as bank robbery, and in Pennsylvania, the sentence can cost offenders at least a decade or more in prison. When offenders repeat such a crime, they may face even longer jail sentences.

Such was the case recently, when a serial bank robber faced a Pennsylvania judge and learned that his fate included a longer prison sentence for the crime he has committed.

A criminal past

According to PennLive Patriot-News, the convicted individual has an extensive criminal past that began in his teens, when he shot a man during a robbery related to a drug deal. Despite serving the minimum sentence for that crime, he once again turned to a life of crime and began committing bank robberies despite the possible consequences of theft and burglary charges. He robbed a total of four banks before police caught up with him in 2019.

Family pleaded for mercy

Before the sentencing, the convicted individual’s family pleaded for mercy on his behalf to the presiding judge. The man and his family also claimed that little was done to rehabilitate the convicted man while he was in prison for the shooting charge. The individual’s defense attorney agreed with this statement and claimed that his client was unable to find work once released from prison the first time and those circumstances forced him back into a life of crime.

Judge hands down a new sentence

In addition to the new jail sentence, the convicted individual also faces a consecutive term for violating his parole. It is unknown how many years this will add to the new sentence the judge handed down, which totals an incarceration of 11 years.