What should I know about plea bargains and DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2020 | Drunk Driving

It is very likely that the prosecution will offer you a plea bargain at some point during the criminal process. Some Americans are under the impression that all criminal instances end up at trial, but this is not the case.

It may be a good idea to accept a plea bargain in your particular DUI case, or it may not be. According to FindLaw, plea bargains offer the defendant a chance for a lighter sentence and may also lower the overall expenses related to a DUI case.

How can a plea bargain make the criminal process cheaper?

If you are working with a public defender, this is less of an issue. However, for defendants who hire private counsel, accepting a plea bargain will make the criminal process go much quicker and could end up saving a lot of money.

Of course, whether it is worth it to take the guilty charge depends entirely on the details of your case. But, it is true that some defendants choose to plead guilty in order to save time and money on a jury trial.

How can a plea bargain change my sentence?

In order to get the defendant to accept the plea bargain, the prosecution must offer something of worth. Typically, the prosecution offers either the opportunity to take a lesser sentence or a lesser charge. in a less serious DUI case, you may be able to accept community service rather than take a jail sentence and pay a fine if you plead guilty. In a more serious case, you may be able to plead guilty to DUI rather than aggravated DUI.