Targeted DUI enforcement likely to occur on certain days in 2020

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. In 2017, there were more than 10,300 alcohol-related car accidents in Pennsylvania alone. To curb the number of drunk drivers on state roadways, law enforcement agencies use a variety of methods. A successful one is increasing DUI patrols during days of the year when drunk driving is common. 

To avoid the many consequences that oftentimes come with a DUI charge, you should never drink and drive. You should also know which days of the year are apt to have enhanced DUI-enforcement activities. Here are some common times when you may face additional DUI scrutiny: 

Major winter holidays 

There is nothing inherently wrong with adding some beer, wine or cocktails to your holiday festivities. Still, if you drive with a blood alcohol concentration over Pennsylvania’s 0.08% legal limit during major holidays, you are asking for trouble.

In past years, law enforcement agencies around the Keystone State have used the winter holidays to ramp up enforcement efforts. As such, if you drink and drive from before Thanksgiving to after New Year’s Day, you may have an increased chance of encountering a sobriety checkpoint. 

Other holidays 

If you enjoy imbibing from time to time, you must not only be wary of winter holidays. On the contrary, police officers use holidays throughout the year to catch drunk drivers. You may find targeted enforcement on any of the following summer holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

Some special days 

While officers increase enforcement on certain holidays, they also try to catch drunk drivers on some special days. Here are some other days when drinking and driving may be particularly risky:

  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mardi Gras
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Halloween

Because there is never a good time to drink and drive, you should always think about getting home safely and responsibly after consuming alcohol. Nevertheless, if you drive on days that have targeted DUI enforcement, you may find yourself defending criminal charges. Fortunately, with a bit of planning, you can likely avoid DUI charges altogether.