Job seeking tips after a DUI

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2019 | Firm News

Plenty of people in Pennsylvania have been arrested for or convicted of impaired driving offenses, even if they don’t often or openly talk about it. In addition to the tactical penalties that a person may have to work through, such as the use of an ignition interlock device, the payment of fines and the participation in an alcohol treatment program, there may be longer-term considerations as well. One of these is commonly the ability to get a job with a driving under the influence offense on a record. 

The Houston Chronicle indicates that a DUI need not preclude a person from getting a good job. Instead, job seekers should do their homework and be prepared to address the issue appropriately. One good step to take is to conduct their own background check and clear up any errors that may appear. It is also wise to strategically target the right types of jobs. Positions that require a person to drive may be more impacted by a prior DUI than jobs in which driving has no role. 

When a person has identified a job they wish to apply for, it is good to find the right time and way to discuss the DUI with the employer. Here, Glassdoor recommends finding a balance between not telling too soon but also not telling too late. Such information would not be necessary on an application but should be disclosed before a background check is conducted. 

When informing an employer about a drunk driving offense, the candidate should focus on what they learned from the event more than the details from the time.