The changing status of marijuana legislation in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | Firm News

Governor Tom Wolf signed into Pennsylvania law the ability to have medical marijuana in the state. Not all residents in the state are gung-ho about having recreational marijuana decriminalized in the state. However, there are some local counties who have taken action to reduce penalties. 

Penn Live ran an article in April 2019 discussing the changing status of marijuana laws in the state. Some counties such as Harrisburg have reduced possession penalties for small amounts of marijuana to “fines of $75 to $150.” Some repeat offenders can still face a misdemeanor charge rather than a felony conviction.  

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offered decriminalization laws before Harrisburg. Lancaster, Steelton and State College have also changed some of their laws to lessen the penalties facing marijuana possession. While the large cities and college areas have made steps toward decriminalizing recreational usage, other areas have no interest in decriminalizing the drug. 

In the September 26, 2019 article by, Lt. Governor John Fetterman has joined voices with Gov. Tom Wolf to “fully legalize marijuana.” The governor understands that getting all the municipalities on board with legalization may take some time. To placate those opposed to changing the laws, the governor and lt. governor are seeking to move in small stages. 

They are working to decriminalize small offenses and possessions related to marijuana. Past offenders may soon be able to have their past convictions related to marijuana expunged from their records if new laws pass. It is important to keep in mind the local laws regarding recreational marijuana before using as they are in the process of changing.