Can a DUI interfere with financial aid?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Drunk Driving

As someone in Pennsylvania who is about to attend a college, university or other post-high school educational venture, you know the expenses are high. You may be relying on the possibility of financial aid in order to actually be able to attend the institute you want to. But what if you get a DUI conviction on your record?

Most people think about whether or not your acceptance or denial into a school will be impacted by a DUI conviction. While this is possible, what about people who have already been accepted? Your acceptance likely won’t be revoked, but you can still suffer from repercussions related to the DUI.

For example, your chances at obtaining a scholarship or federal aid can be greatly damaged. You may be entirely barred from entering for some scholarships, grants, or forms of financial aid. If you aren’t barred entirely, you may still be put at the bottom of the list of applicants, greatly reducing your chances of actually being chosen.

This is because scholarships – especially those provided by the federal government – are often under strict guidelines. They have certain criteria to fit. Someone who has a DUI-related conviction on their record, no matter how it got there, could reflect poorly on the institution that provided the scholarship or aid. Therefore, they may choose to avoid giving you that aid.

As you can see, DUI convictions can have a heavy impact. If you are currently interested in learning more about the impacts of a DUI on a student’s life, you can visit our web page linked here.