Will I go to jail with a DUI in Delaware County?

by | Apr 6, 2018 | blog

The possible penalties for a charge of driving under the influence – DUI – are numerous and vary depending on a wide range of circumstances. If police arrested you and charged you with a DUI in Delaware Valley, you are likely wondering what the next steps will be and what impact this charge can have on your life and future.

In some cases, jail time may be a real possibility in a DUI case. Everything depends on the specifics of your arrest and your case. Hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney is a must to set yourself up with the best possible chances for a strong defense and minimizing the impact of possible consequences resulting from a conviction. Here is a brief look at some of the possible consequences of a DUI conviction in Delaware Valley, including information about when jail time may come into play:

DUI laws in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, DUI laws specify the various possible penalties for driving under the influence, based on your blood alcohol level at the time police stopped you. The DUI laws work on a “tier” system that divides the severity of the charge based on how high the blood alcohol content, or BAC, is. The legal limit in Pennsylvania is .08, as this is the standard measure used nationally to determine a driver who is impaired. However, if your BAC is .10 or higher, the penalties are more severe. There are mandatory minimum jail time sentences for those convicted of a DUI with certain higher blood alcohol levels, and for those with previous DUIs. That is why a strong defense is your best option when facing a DUI charge.

Defense strategies

Sometimes, police commit errors when they stop you and arrest you for driving under the influence. One example is if the officer had no probable cause for stopping you. Sometimes, there are issues with the chemical testing to determine your blood alcohol content. In addition to a strong defense that examines every aspect of your arrest, there are alternatives to jail time that can be implemented in some situation, such as treatment programs.

The most important thing you can do after a DUI arrest is to consult with a Delaware County criminal defense attorney so you can understand the potential consequences you may face and have legal assistance in planning an effective strategy for your defense.