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Police can arrest you for DUI even if the car is motionless

Sometimes, one drink leads to another, and with everyone passing the pitchers of beer around the table, it may be difficult to determine how much alcohol you had over the evening. On your way to your car, you may discover that you do not feel as steady as you thought. You have to make a decision now, and driving home seems iffy at best. You decide to take a nap in your car first.

Even though you are not driving, you could still face arrest for DUI.

You have physical control of the car

You know you are simply sleeping off the drunkenness inside your vehicle. However, if the police catch you while you are in the driver's seat and have possession of the keys, then they can still arrest you because you have control over the vehicle. You may have not actually hit the road, but you could have.

In many cases, this type of violation will come with misdemeanor charges, but you still want to avoid it when you just wanted to take a nap. A good rule of thumb is that if you consumed alcohol and want to rest in your car, then keep the keys in the trunk.

You display common symptoms of drunkenness

The police may not always use a Breathalyzer to determine if a driver should face DUI charges. Some officers merely look at how you speak and your behavior. Some people naturally speak in short sentences and act jittery. If you are showing these characteristics, the police may use this as justification to arrest you for DUI or public intoxication. If this happens to you while you are sober, then make sure you get a chemical test done. This test definitively shows how much alcohol you have in your system. 

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