How a DUI can affect your college student’s future

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Drunk Driving, Firm News

If you have a child who is in college, you probably worry about his or her future, like many parents do. College presents a learning experience with many challenges, and the availability of alcohol may be one of them. If your child is charged with DUI, or driving under the influence, you may be worried about how a conviction could affect his or her life.

Employment prospects

A DUI conviction rarely looks stellar to prospective employers. More than that, though, it can be a reason for them to not hire your child. The motives behind this are many and can be complicated. They tend to not be solely about the mere fact of a DUI conviction. For example, such a conviction can lead to questions about a job applicant’s judgment, character and risk threshold.

Educational opportunities

A conviction or even a charge might jeopardize your student’s standing in school. Schools tend to require that criminal charges be brought to the attention of the appropriate personnel. Otherwise, depending on its policy, the school might suspend or expel someone who keeps mum even if a charge does not lead to conviction. As for conviction, it constitutes a criminal record, and expulsion may be automatic.

Even if your student is allowed to stay in school, he or she may lose scholarships, grants or financial aid. The student may also have to complete alcohol counseling. A loss of student housing is also possible, and if your child is on a sports team, he or she may have to leave the team. Furthermore, many higher education institutions do not accept students who have criminal records, so if your child had been planning to transfer to another school, that may no longer be possible.

Regular life activities

Regular life activities such as applying to rent an apartment are made more difficult with criminal convictions, although the picture may be changing somewhat. Applying for loans is another area in which a DUI record can interfere with your child’s potential. In short, many activities that people take for granted may be much harder for your student, or even closed off.

A DUI conviction or even a charge with no later conviction can cause many problems in a college student’s life . Some issues such as a lack of jobs and a loss of potential income are direct effects of a conviction, but the indirect effects stemming from these primary consequences can be just as devastating. Consulting with an attorney as early as possible can help ensure that your child’s rights are upheld.