Three good reasons to fight DUI charges

by | May 16, 2016 | Drunk Driving

Soon, residents throughout Southeast Pennsylvania will ring in the unofficial start of summer and gather with family and friends to celebrate Memorial Day. Often, people like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two at backyard barbeques and gatherings and many also drive home afterwards.

For any driver, seeing the flashing red lights of a police car in the rear-view mirror is a nerve-wracking experience. In cases where an individual is driving home after a Memorial Day celebration, the experience can be downright terrifying and also have serious consequences.

In Pennsylvania, drunk driving charges are tiered and correspond to a driver’s blood alcohol level at the time of an arrest. DUI penalties, therefore, vary greatly; but every DUI conviction has significant repercussions.

The following are three good reasons why it’s important to fight DUI charges:

1) DUIs are expensive – depending on a driver’s BAC level and number of DUI convictions, fines range from $300 to $10,000. Additionally, a driver’s insurance premiums will skyrocket.

2) DUIs can mean jail time – even a first DUI signals a mandatory six-month probation period and subsequent convictions carry jail sentences of up to five years.

3) DUIs are embarrassing – drunk driving is socially taboo and not only is an individual likely to feel ashamed and embarrassed but relationships with family members, friends and co-workers may also be irreparably damaged.

These are just a few of the hardships that frequently result from a DUI conviction. Thankfully, drunk driving charges don’t necessarily mean that an individual will be convicted. A criminal defense attorney will protect and uphold an individual’s rights and work to obtain a dismissal or reduction of DUI-related charges. Additionally, in cases where alcohol dependence in an issue, an attorney will help an individual obtain the help that he or she needs.