Many different types of Internet crimes

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Internet Crimes

It hasn’t been so very long ago that Americans began to perform as though everyone understood technology. Today, there are even more crimes than ever that utilize computers. In many cases, these crimes, known as cybercrimes, draw a lot of media attention, which can harm the defense’s case.

At the Law Offices of Joseph Lesniak LLC, you will find that we can handle a wide range of charges involving computers or the Internet. For example, some of these crimes include:

— Harassment

— Cyber-bullying

— Cyber-stalking

— Unlawful use of a computer

— Identity theft

— Invasion of privacy

Online solicitation

— Possession of child pornography

As a former prosecutor in Delaware County, Attorney Joe Lesniak has prosecuted many cases involving computers. In each case, our main objective is to minimize the potential damage to your reputation and your freedom.

Depending on what the facts of your case are, litigation and trial may be the proper approach. A plea bargain might also be an options; however, plea bargains are not the right choice for every defendant.

Fighting computer crime charges requires a great deal of knowledge. We may employ experts to testify in your case and to examine the prosecution’s evidence to find its weaknesses.

You need a strong defense strategy when you are facing charges for cybercrimes. Because some of these crimes could be charged as federal crimes, you also need an experienced attorney who is familiar with both state and federal court. You’ll find that at the Law Offices of Joseph Lesniak.

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