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What are delivery and trafficking of drugs in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law takes a hard stance against crimes that involve drugs. If you have been charged with trafficking or distributing drugs in the state, you are likely facing felony charges for those cases. It is critical that you understand some points regarding these charges if you are facing them.

How does delivery of drugs differ from possession of drugs?

One point that you must know is that the prosecution must be able to show that you had an intent to deliver the drugs to someone in the state or that you obtained, manufactured or grew the drugs in the state and delivered them to someone here. That point alone can have a significant impact on your case because in the absence of that point, you would likely only be charged with possession of the drugs.

What are the sentences for delivery and trafficking charges?

The penalties for a conviction on these charges varies depending on the circumstances of the case. Generally, you might end up facing seven to 20 years in prison if you are convicted of these charges. Of course, there is always the chance that the penalties might be lowered by a plea bargains or increased because of an enhanced charge.

There are several defense strategies that you can use in a trafficking or delivery case. These can include a claim of innocence based on a lack of knowledge. You might be able to show that the search that found the drugs was illegal. Several other options are also possible. It is important for you to consider all defense options and weigh each one carefully so you can decide what strategy to use for your defense.

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