3 drug overdoses at Villanova University results in 2 arrests

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Drug Charges

According to a news report, a weekend of LSD drug use has resulted in three overdoses and two arrests. One of the arrests involved drug charges and the other involved assault charges.

Police from the Radnor Township responded to a late night call at Villanova University on Saturday, Feb. 13. The report states that a male subject was “out of control” and possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Reportedly, the male had assaulted a woman in one of the university’s facilities. Upon interrogation, the defendant told police he had ingested LSD. He was transported to a hospital and later arrested on assault charges.

Throughout the weekend, the police responded to two additional calls to Villanova, where officers discovered two more people under the influence of LSD. One of these was a student and the other an underage female visitor to the campus. The two were taken to the hospital. At this point the police and the university’s Public Safety officials began an investigation.

Drugs were later discovered in the dorm room of a student along with cash and drug paraphernalia. The student was arrested on drug charges including manufacturing with the intent to deliver drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. It turns out the first student who was arrested for assault earlier is the roommate of the suspected drug dealer.

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Source: Daily Times, “2 in custody after three LSD overdoses at Villanova,” Richard Ilgenfritz, Feb. 15, 2016