Bill Cosby posts bail in sexual assault case

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Sex Crimes

Well-known comedian and actor Bill Cosby has been in the news off and on for almost a decade related to allegations that he sexually assaulted various women. Until now, no one has decided to pursue charges against Cosby. In one case in 2005, prosecutors reviewed evidence and decided not to charge Cosby, reportedly because the evidence wasn’t sufficient.

After new evidence came to light and a new district attorney was elected in a Pennsylvania county, a decision has been made to charge Cosby related to those 2005 allegations. The comedian recently faced arraignment, where a judge set bail at $1 million. Cosby was booked on the charges, but paid the bail and left jail the same day.

The charges in this case relate to allegations from a woman who says Cosby drugged her and had nonconsensual sexual relations with her while she was unable to give consent. Cosby has repeatedly denied wrongdoing in this case.

According to reports, the prosecutors decided to file charges in the case after a deposition related to a civil suit between the woman and Cosby was unsealed. Reportedly, the deposition provided by Cosby includes evidence pertinent to the criminal matter.

In a statement after the arraignment hearing, Cosby’s attorney alleged that the charges are unnecessary and alluded to the fact that they might be politically motivated. While this is a highly visible case involving a celebrity, less famous individuals do face similar situations. It can be difficult to remember that allegations don’t equal guilt, especially given the constant nature of today’s media. If you are facing criminal charges, working with a defense attorney can help you negate issues caused by the media while protecting your rights and making a plan for the future.

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