Delaware County fire company officials charged with theft

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Criminal Defense

The chief of the Colwyn Borough Fire Company was arrested on Dec. 21 and is facing charges involving the alleged theft of cash totaling almost $53,000 from that volunteer fire department. Two other officers of the fire company, the president and her daughter, who was the treasurer, have also been charged with felony theft. They have not yet been arrested. All have been suspended from their positions.

According to Delaware County prosecutors, the taxpayer money went missing over the course of three years. The investigation, which was reported on by a Philadelphia news outlet back in March, is not yet complete.

Borough officials reportedly became suspicious about the large bills submitted for gasoline by the fire company because the fire trucks use diesel fuel. Prosecutors say the amount of money allegedly stolen by the three could be higher than the figure reported.

The women reportedly explained that the checks that the two of them wrote to each other and to the chief were actually reimbursement for fire company bills they had paid using their own money. However, police say that they had no documentation to back up their explanation. The treasurer allegedly also withdrew over $9,000 in fire company funds.

Obviously, any charges involving theft are serious. However, when they involve the workplace and receive media attention, an accused person’s career and reputation also hang in the balance. It’s essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney who will work to protect your rights, try to ensure that you don’t take the blame for anyone else’s wrongdoing and strive to mitigate the consequences of the charges to your life.

Source: NBC 10, “Colwyn Fire Company Members Stole More Than $50K: DA,” Dec. 21, 2015