Being classified as a sex offender comes with severe restrictions

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Sex Crimes

The only thing more difficult than facing sex-related criminal charges is finding out that you have been convicted of those charges and are going to have to register as a sex offender. Unlike many other penalties associated with criminal convictions, being placed on the sex offender registry places some very restrictive conditions on your life.

We know that the thought of having to register as a sex offender is harrowing. Being on the registry means that you will have to report to the appropriate authorities monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually, depending on your assigned tier and your housing status. Transients who are on the registry must report monthly, while people who are on Tier 1 and have stable housing report annually.

If you are facing a sex-related charge, we can help you to learn your options for a defense. We aren’t able to promise you that we will be able to get you off of the charges. Instead, we can promise to put up a good fight for you. We can promise to help you learn about the options you have at each step of your case.

Your defense is your best shot at not having to register as a sex offender. It is vital that you start building your defense right away. You need to investigate the case against you and determine how you are going to answer to the charges.

If you are already a convicted sex offender, you must ensure that you comply with the registration requirements. If you don’t, you will face criminal charges for failing to do so. That means you will have to get started on a defense for that charge.