Pennsylvania mother and son facing multiple drug charges

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Drug Charges

A Pennsylvania mother and son were arrested this month and charged will multiple drug-related offenses. According to law enforcement, the two were selling drugs to students at Villanova University. According to local police, undercover officers made several purchases of drugs from the two’s Main Line residence prior to the arrests.

The 53-year-old mother and her 24-year-old son are facing multiple counts, including conspiracy, manufacturing, delivery or possession and endangering the welfare of children. The son was released on bail. However, his mother reportedly did not post bail. The young man’s father is the Democratic Party chairman for Radnor Township. It was not reported whether it was his father who posted his bail.

According to Radnor Township police, this is not the young man’s first drug-related arrest. A detective said that he was “arrested for similar charges not only in Pennsylvania but Maryland several times.”

Police say that they found $4,000 worth of marijuana as well as pills and nine packets of what they suspected to be heroin in the home of the mother and son. They say that they received a tip earlier this month that drugs were being sold out of the residence.

According to police, their investigation is ongoing. They are working to determine whether the two were also selling drugs to high school students.

Charges involving the sale of drugs are, needless to say, very serious. Anyone facing these charges, regardless of the circumstances, should not try to navigate the legal system alone. An experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can work to protect your rights and present your case in court.

Source: The Inquirer, “Main Line mother, son, charged with selling drugs,” Mari A. Schaefer, Nov. 16, 2015