Pennsylvania gun laws can be complex, vigorous defense required

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Gun laws and gun owner rights are making headlines around the country. The fact that each state, and in some cases each city, has a unique set of gun laws makes it hard to know for sure what is allowed when, where and how. For example, you can open carry a pistol in Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t apply if you are in Philadelphia. Understanding the gun laws is vital for everyone because if you violate them, even unintentionally, you might find yourself in court facing criminal charges.

We know that navigating the gun laws in Pennsylvania can be difficult. For example, the need to have a License to Carry Firearms is needed to carry a concealed weapon. If you carry a pistol and it isn’t readily visible, you can face criminal charges. Interestingly, that means that if you throw on a jacket when you are leaving because you realize the air is nippy, you can face charges if you don’t have a LTCF and the gun is hidden by your jacket.

If you have a gun and are accused of participating in another crime, you might face charges that are enhanced. These enhanced charges come with harsher penalties than what are associated with charges without enhancements.

We know that facing any gun charge in Pennsylvania means that you need a vigorous defense. We can help you to explore the options you have for a defense against gun charges. We can look into your case so that we can learn if any possible defenses should be bypassed and which ones might be the most suitable.