Internet-related crimes demand firm representation

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Internet Crimes

Many people use their computers and access the Internet on various devices without thinking about whether their actions are lawful or not. Computers and Internet-enabled devices have become such common items in homes and businesses that it is easy to download, upload and view various things easily. There are some instances in which you might find yourself facing charges for Internet crimes when you don’t realize that you did anything wrong.

Computer crimes, which include accessing a network without permission, sending viruses and interfering with another person’s computer usage can sometimes be committed without even realizing it. We understand that many people who are facing Internet crimes might not have been trying to do anything illegal. In some cases, they were only trying to access the Internet or send out emails and they ended up afoul of the law.

We can help you learn about the charges you are facing. No matter what kind of Internet crime you are facing, you have options to consider regarding your defense. We can help you learn your options for dealing with cyberstalking, online bullying, identity theft, possession of child pornography and all other Internet-related crimes. We can also help you to understand the possible penalties of the crimes you are charged with.

When it comes to Internet crimes, each case requires personalized attention. We have to consider the facts of your case before we decide what options we have for proceeding. We explore your case, determine your options and build your case from there. You deserve more than a one-size-fits-all defense for your computer crimes case.