Terroristic threatening charges demand a firm defense

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Criminal Defense

When most people hear about terroristic threatening, they automatically assume that there is a tie to terrorists. That isn’t the case. Terroristic threatening is something that anyone who issues nonverbal or verbal threats can be charged with. In some cases, terroristic threatening charges can result from a perfectly harmless situation.

We know that being faced with terroristic threatening charges is a stressful situation. We can help you to understand what your charges mean, the evidence against you and your options for a defense.

When it comes to crimes related to terroristic threats, a defendant can face criminal charges and civil cases. The criminal case can involve the defendant having to pay restitution for certain financial losses, such as law enforcement’s response to the situation. In a civil case, monetary awards can be made, but those would be reduced because of the order for restitution.

We know that you probably don’t know where to get started on your defense, especially knowing that you might face two types of court cases. We can investigate your case to help you learn your options for presenting a defense in the criminal justice system.

Some of the defense options might involve showing the court that you are working through the issues that led to the incident. Other defense options might be proving that the person who issued the threats wasn’t you or that you didn’t mean your words or actions in a threatening way.

As we explore your case, we will discuss the defense strategies that might work in your case. We want you to remain an active participant in your case.