Federal, Pennsylvania authorities arrest 10 for drug trafficking

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Drug Charges

Drug trafficking is a crime that is taken very seriously by all levels of law enforcement, from the federal level on down. That was apparent in a recent series of arrests here in Pennsylvania. The operation in question targeted alleged heroin traffickers in the town of Jim Thorpe.

The Jim Thorpe Police Department as well as the Lehighton Borough Police Department requested help from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to apprehend these alleged traffickers. Together, in late September, they arrested ten people and confiscated about 1,700 bags of what was alleged to be heroin. They also seized prescription pills, ten grams of what was allegedly cocaine, cash and a handgun.

Spokesmen from all of these agencies touted the effectiveness of local law enforcement partnering with federal agents. They are working to combat what one called “the heroin epidemic in communities across Pennsylvania.” One police chief noted that because “heroin dealers travel to neighboring towns to distribute their drugs,” these multi-jurisdictional law enforcement efforts are essential.

It’s well known that heroin use has risen in recent years across the country as people seek an alternative to prescription drugs. In Carbon County, Pennsylvania, last year, 11 people died from drug overdoses. Eight of those involved heroin.

While most drug-related arrests don’t involve trafficking, any drug crime can carry serious legal ramifications. That’s why it’s essential not to try to navigate the criminal justice system on your own. A Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights as you go through the process and work to seek possible alternatives such as treatment programs.

Source: PA Homepage, “DEA Announces 10 Arrests and 1,700 Bags of Heroin Seized in Jim Thorpe,” Oct. 13, 2015