Federal charges for ex-marketing director of liquor control board

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Federal Crimes

People who are placed in official government positions are expected to uphold certain legal and ethical standards. When those standards aren’t upheld, criminal charges might be forthcoming. The case of the former head of marketing for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board hammers this point home.

The man is facing federal criminal charges related to certain things that were said to have happened when he was the director of marketing and merchandizing for the 500 liquor stores in the state. It is alleged that he would take benefits from a liquor wholesaler and a distiller from 2003 to 2012. These benefits included tickets to sporting events, paid vacations, golf outings, meals and cash.

It is alleged that the purpose of these benefits was to influence the man’s recommendation regarding products. During the period in which he was allegedly accepting benefits, he was the person who was in charge of recommending the products that should be discontinued and the ones that should be sold at the liquor stores.

This federal case comes on the heels of the findings by the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission. Last year, the commission found that the man facing federal charges and two other people had accepted gifts that were improper from the vendors. This man had to repay $13,586 in regard to the commission’s findings.

The man is expected to plead guilty to the federal charges against him. Anyone who is facing federal charges should ensure that he or she understands all his or her options regarding defense strategies in the case. Building a defense to prepare for a trial is one way that you might decide to handle your case if you aren’t planning on pleading guilty.

Source: Philly.com, “Ex-PLCB marketing director charged in taking bribes, kickbacks,” Sam Wood, Aug. 27, 2015