32-year-old man arrested on drug manufacturing charges

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Drug Charges

The former operator of a Hazleton nightclub has been arrested and accused of running a large synthetic drug-making laboratory in Pennsylvania. According to authorities, the man had approximately 50 kilos of ecstasy in his possession at the time of his arrest. Police also say that they found $37,000, which they suspect is drug money.

Authorities have accused the 32-year-old man of manufacturing MDMA, which is a synthetic drug that has the street name Molly. According to police, the drug labs that make MDMA are dangerous and could potentially explode, catch fire or release toxic fumes.

The arrested man was charged with various felonies relating to the possession of chemicals that are precursors to making Molly. He was also charged with two counts of drug manufacturing and risking a catastrophe. Finally, he was charged a misdemeanor relating to drug possession.

The nightclub that the man used to operate and own was called Pulse; however, pulse has been closed since late 2015 when city coding officials shut it down due to code and health-related issues. The company’s business permit was not set to be reinstated until after a health department inspection was performed.

In May 2012, the very same arrested man received a special award from the city of Hazleton, the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. However, if police claims are correct, this man’s entrepreneurial activities appear to have extended far beyond the bar and nightclub industries.

Now the man is in particularly hot water due to the extreme nature of the drug manufacturing charges being brought against him. That said, at this point, the charges are still nothing more than allegations, which he will have every opportunity to defend himself against in court.

Source: Standard Speaker, “Man arrested in drug making bust,” Amanda Christman, July 29, 2015