What are computer intrusion crimes?

by | Jul 26, 2015 | Internet Crimes

People do a lot of daily business on computers. Financial transactions, making purchases, going to school, and communicating with others are just some of the activities that computers are used for. All of that activity makes cyber crimes a tempting choice for some people. In some cases, people try to infect other people’s computers with viruses, bots, spyware, worms, and malware.

All of these, as well as hacking, can compromise personal information and lead to criminal charges. It is vital for anyone who is facing a charge related to computer intrusion to understand some basic points.

Who might be charged with computer intrusion crimes?

There are a variety of people who might face computer intrusion charges. In some cases, the person who is facing the charges might not be trying to harm anyone. Some people facing these charges are just people who are trying to do things that get them bragging rights. Terrorists might be committing these types of crimes in an effort to gain vital information. Some people might be working for businesses that are trying to get competitor information. Other people might be trying to take other people’s information to use in an illegal manner.

Why are these crimes being treated so seriously?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation takes a harsh stance against cyber crimes like these because they are considered a threat to national security. In fact, the FBI has a full team dedicated to handling only cyber crimes.

If you are facing charges for an Internet or online crime, make sure you take action immediately. Getting started on your defense and discovering your options might help you to decide the methods you want to employ for your defense.

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