Grandma hit with probation for making pot-infused peanut brittle

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Drug Charges

A 61-year-old grandmother in West Chester pleaded guilty on Monday to allegations of marijuana possession with the intent to deliver. She was accused of adding marijuana to various baked goods, including peanut brittle and pralines.

Police arrested her and found approximately nine pounds of pot in the room she was renting, after her landlord called the police on her. The landlord alerted authorities about the smell of marijuana coming from the woman’s room.

According to the Assistant District Attorney for the area said that the baked goods and marijuana were not for personal use. The DA’s office suspects that the woman either selling or sharing her pot-infused creations.

The woman pleaded guilty to the charges in exchange for a plea deal which gave her a two-year probationary commitment. She will be subjected court supervision and the felony conviction will remain on her criminal record. However, the woman will fortunately avoid jail time related to the offense.

In addition to normal marijuana, authorities found marijuana oil and hashish inside the woman’s room. The woman said that she used the marijuana oil as an ingredient in her pralines and peanut brittle candies.

According to the woman’s attorney, she had only recently moved to Pennsylvania from where she used to live in Oregon; and, there, the woman holds a medical marijuana card and is legally allowed to have and use marijuana in her home. The woman told the court that she knew marijuana was illegal in Pennsylvania, and that she would not possess or use marijuana again in a place where the substance was illegal.

This case highlights the problem of marijuana use being legal in some states, while it remains illegal Pennsylvania. When individuals move to a new place, they must familiarize themselves with and follow the laws of their new homes.

Source:, “Grandmother gets probation for putting pot in peanut brittle,” Michael P. Rellahan, July 07, 2015