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June 2015 Archives

Was the alleged Cardinals hacking a form of corporate espionage?

Suppose you really dislike one of your coworkers, although you acknowledge he brings interesting and useful new ideas. He announces he's leaving for another organization and taking some of your coworkers with him. You might be happy personally, but you recognize things will be harder without those innovative ideas. Then, just before he leaves, you come across a list of the passwords he and the other departing coworkers used while with your organization, and you suspect they'll probably use the same passwords at their new jobs.

Illegal search and seizure more common than you might think

If you look hard enough, you'll find that many criminal charges are based on evidence obtained in illegal searches and seizures. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable search and seizure, and this right to freedom from illegal search and seizure is a foundational right in America.

Pennsylvania appeals court: If a cop says you can go, you can go

Traffic cops really hope you'll talk to them when you're pulled over. It's not that they're lonely; they're hoping you'll divulge something incriminating. It's a routine tactic among traffic cops to drag out traffic stops in an effort to pressure you into confessing something.

Deportation not inevitable after a drug paraphernalia conviction

When the War on Drugs was popular, Congress decided to make the consequences of drug convictions especially harsh for immigrants. In addition to any criminal sentence, federal law now considers almost any drug conviction to be grounds for deporting any immigrant -- even green-card holders.

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