Allentown man accused of running prostitution ring

by | May 28, 2015 | Federal Crimes

The authorities claim that a man from Allentown, Pennsylvania, was in charge of a sex trafficking and prostitution ring that was known as “the program.” He has now been arrested and charged for allegedly running it from back in 2009 to May of last year. The police say that the ring was all over Pennsylvania, but that it also reached outside of the state, to cities in New York, New Jersey and Maryland.

The man is just 27 years old. His original indictment happened in October of 2014, and he was given charges for sex trafficking, conspiracy to commit the same and the transportation of individuals over state lines for this purpose. However, the authorities recently tacked even more charges on, including one charge for allegedly sex trafficking a minor.

On top of that, the man is being accused of assaulting the women, raping them and threatening them to get them to go along with the program and to follow his rules. For example, one of the women asked if she could go spend time with her children over the Thanksgiving holiday, according to reports, and he beat her instead.

The man was apparently putting the women’s profiles up online to attract customers. He would recruit them into the program first, and then the assaults were to get them to fall in line. Sometimes, though, he would also assault those who did not want to join.

Everyone deserves a fair trial in the United States. Since serious charges like this carry long-term consequences, it’s important for those who are charged to know what options they have.

Source:, “Allentown man’s sex trafficking ‘program’ included rape, assaults, prosecutors say,” Sarah Cassi, May 20, 2015