Pennsylvania man faces attempted burglary charges for running

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Theft & Property Crimes

Running has become a very popular and effective method of exercise. Thousands of people in Pennsylvania engage in the activity every day, at various times of the day, for no other reason than to help preserve their health. However, one man now faces attempted burglary charges after police say he was running in the neighborhood where an alleged burglary was reported.

Police received a call reporting a burglary one night in February. They claim that, when they arrived to the area, there were two men running in the vicinity. One of the men, a 20-year-old, was eventually apprehended and now faces multiple criminal charges.

According to reports, police apparently discovered other attempted burglaries in the area during the course of their investigation, of which they also suspect the young man. It is unclear, however, what — if anything — was removed from the homes and why the alleged crimes had not been previously reported. Other suspects have apparently been identified, but the investigation into the incidents continues. Police are asking for people who have damage to their homes to contact them. A tip line that will allow people to leave anonymous tips has been created.

Based on reports currently available, it is unclear if there is any evidence connecting the man now facing attempted burglary charges to the crime, other than the fact that he happened to be in the area at the time police received a call regarding the alleged crimes. Pennsylvania prosecutors must provide sufficient evidence to prove the man’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to earn a conviction. An experienced criminal attorney can help the young man navigate the often confusing and complex criminal justice system.

Source:, “Police: Man arrested in Upper Allen attempted burglary“, Feb. 24, 2015