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March 2015 Archives

Supreme Court: GPS sex offender monitoring must be reasonable

One of the more important civil rights we all enjoy is the right to protection from government unduly poking its nose into our stuff. We have this right because the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees, among other things,

6 Internet crimes that can get you years in federal prison

Ever since the Internet became available, certain people have attempted to carry out activities online which our federal government doesn’t like. As a result, there has been enormous growth in the number of new federal criminal laws, any of which could put you in federal prison for years. Even if you’re not convicted, you may still be facing civil forfeiture, where federal law enforcement can seize any money or property it deems likely to be related to criminal activity.

Did you know that smuggling endangered species can be a US crime?

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, the African black rhinoceros is critically endangered, as are other members of the rapidly-decreasing rhino family. Unfortunately, illegal wildlife trade continues to be one of the main threats to the species. Why?

Pennsylvania man faces attempted burglary charges for running

Running has become a very popular and effective method of exercise. Thousands of people in Pennsylvania engage in the activity every day, at various times of the day, for no other reason than to help preserve their health. However, one man now faces attempted burglary charges after police say he was running in the neighborhood where an alleged burglary was reported.

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