Teacher faces drug charges for allegedly selling heroin from home

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Drug Charges

Word seems to always travel fast in small towns. For good news, such as an engagement or new career opportunity, this can be fantastic. However, for bad news, such as an arrest on drug charges, it can cause one’s reputation to fall very quickly.

A high school teacher in Pennsylvania has recently been charged with selling drugs out of his home. Authorities allege that the 44-year-old special education teacher was in possession of heroin and was dealing it out of his home in Pennsylvania. Undercover agents supposedly used a confidential informant to purchase heroin from the man. Two purchases were made, although it is unclear whether the total of the purchases was $350 or whether each purchase was for $350 worth of the drug.

The school where the man teaches has put him on leave. However, he is being paid at this time and will continue receiving pay until the investigation concludes. Apparently, there is no evidence that suggests the teacher ever possessed or sold heroin or any other drugs while on the school’s property.

In small towns, reputations can be everything. When a person is arrested and charged with drug charges or any other criminal activity, the arrest itself can have life-changing consequences. Even if the accused is found not guilty, the arrest and initial charge can have a profound effect on one’s personal reputation and career. Therefore, it is crucial that anyone accused of a crime in Pennsylvania take charge by ensuring that his or her rights have not been violated in any way.

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