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January 2015 Archives

Pennsylvania man arrested for drug possession alleges brutality

A police commander recently made a public statement, saying that there are times when arresting officers must use physical force against a person in order to bring that person into custody. He added that such force may not always appear appropriate to the eyes of the public. A Pennsylvania halfway house inmate who was being arrested for alleged drug possession has claimed that authorities used brutal and excessive force against him.

Teacher faces drug charges for allegedly selling heroin from home

Word seems to always travel fast in small towns. For good news, such as an engagement or new career opportunity, this can be fantastic. However, for bad news, such as an arrest on drug charges, it can cause one's reputation to fall very quickly.

Pennsylvania man faces DUI charges after accident

Many people get, understandably, irate if they perceive that some of their constitutional rights are being violated. While most people are aware of their basic rights and would recognize a violation, those facing criminal charges may not be well-versed with the rights of those accused or suspected of a crime. One man in Pennsylvania who faces DUI charges will likely want to ensure that he is treated lawfully as he goes through the criminal process.

Expungement: Understanding what it is and how it can help

Whether it is a DUI, sex crime or drug offense, a conviction on your permanent criminal record can be damaging to your future. This is in addition to the other consequences that are part of the conviction, such as fines, license suspension and possible jail time. A conviction on your record can keep you from finding and securing good employment, a place to live and many other things. Luckily, you may have assistance here in Pennsylvania with what is called an expungement.

Mother charged with sex crimes involving minor in Pennsylvania

While sexuality may be a part of human nature, there are laws that regulate sexual behavior, especially when it comes to minor children. Violating these laws can result in serious legal consequences. One woman is now finding this out in a recent incident that now has her facing accusations of sex crimes in Pennsylvania.

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