Pennsylvania man enters guilty plea re child rape charges

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Many people enjoy browsing the goods on display at flea markets with many finding items that they have been searching for. Unfortunately, one woman may have gotten way more than she bargained for when she discovered evidence of a serious crime recorded on a second-hand electronic device. The discovery led to a Pennsylvania man facing child rape charges locally and in federal court.

The device was purchased across state lines, but police were able to track the former owner. The computer tablet apparently contained recorded images of the former owner engaging in unlawful sexual acts with a young child. When police located the man, he was charged with over 28 counts of criminal behavior.

The man was also facing charges in federal court for the sexual exploitation of a minor. He has entered guilty pleas to both sets of charges and is awaiting sentencing after the first of the year. He is currently in jail and has been since his arrest in January of this year. In exchange for his plea, Pennsylvania prosecutors stated that the man could face 30 years in prison. The federal charges could lead to him facing a lifetime sentence or $500,000 in fines or possibly both.

The 43-year-old man will also be evaluated by the Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board to determine whether he will be considered a violent predator. Megan’s law stipulates that he register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life. The man likely chose to enter a guilty plea to the child rape charges after consulting with his defense team as to what would be the best outcome possible to him in light of the serious nature of the allegations that had been filed against him and the evidence that the state and federal authorities possessed for potential use in the cases against him.

Source:, “Man pleads guilty to rape of a child“, Dec. 2, 2014