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December 2014 Archives

Father and daughter face criminal charges in Pennsylvania

Operating a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania is a privilege, not a right. Laws are in place to ensure the safety of all in or near our roadways. When these laws are violated, a serious car accident can result. In some circumstances, this can result in criminal charges for those accused of violating the law.

Pennsylvania fire chief and former captain face theft charges

Firefighters perform an invaluable service for thousands of communities throughout the nation, as they are willing to risk their lives in order to save their friends and neighbors in the towns in which they work. As such, these men and women often hold positions of trust and authority in the stations where they are assigned. One Pennsylvania chief and his son are now facing multiple counts of theft charges.

Pennsylvania man enters guilty plea re child rape charges

Many people enjoy browsing the goods on display at flea markets with many finding items that they have been searching for. Unfortunately, one woman may have gotten way more than she bargained for when she discovered evidence of a serious crime recorded on a second-hand electronic device. The discovery led to a Pennsylvania man facing child rape charges locally and in federal court.

When facing criminal charges, the right help makes a difference

No one is immune from making mistakes. As human beings, it is part of our nature to commit errors in judgment from time to time. While most are able to weather the aftermath of such a lapse without encountering too much difficulty, sometimes a bad decision may mean one winds up facing Pennsylvania criminal charges.

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