Man faces criminal charges after painting Pennsylvania street

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Criminal Defense

In many small towns across Pennsylvania, townspeople and business owners take pride in their surroundings and are concerned about the quality of life for all residents. This concern takes many forms, though rarely does it result in criminal charges. However, one man had a recent court appearance following accusations of criminal mischief.

The 55-year-old man was accused of engaging in a criminal act in his attempt to discourage speeders in his town. The man, who reportedly owns a bookstore in town, expressed his frustration with drivers who routinely speed through the downtown area. Even though the posted speed limit is 25 mph, this businessman claims to have observed drivers driving up to twice as fast on Main Street in the borough of Burgettstown.

He was accused of taking paintbrush in hand and painting a message in the street that the posted limit is 25 mph. Specifically, the warning read “Slow, 25 mph.” When he appeared before the local magistrate, he apparently refused to pay the assessed amount to clean up the road, plus a fine. The total amount was $540, and the businessman vowed to fight the charges. The magistrate granted a continuance to allow the man time to obtain defense counsel.

Some officials in the Pennsylvania community expressed agreement with the man’s sentiments, though not with his actions. While it remains to be seen what the resolution of this case will be, he could face harsher sanctions if his bid to fight the criminal charges proves futile. For now, he has been granted additional time to seek the advice of experienced resources in order to put these charges behind him and find an approved method to improve the safety for the residents of his town.

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