Former Pennsylvania lawmaker sees criminal charges dropped

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Criminal Defense

A man who once served as a Pennsylvania senator has been defending himself against allegations of corruption and conspiracy. However, a judge recently dismissed the last of the pending criminal charges. The prosecutor requested that the judge drop the remaining charge in light of the other dismissed allegations.

The former state senator, Bob Mellow, was accused and charged in a public corruption case that involved several other individuals. According to the prosecutors, the former state officials utilized their control over the Pennsylvania Turnpike to seek profitable contract bids. The man and other alleged conspirators then supposedly engaged in price rigging in order to pocket profits and use funds to sway political affairs.

The case against the senator eventually fell apart due an apparent lack of  compelling evidence against him. The man’s defense counsel stated he and his client believed that the state was not impartial in its investigation, though he did not offer any clear examples. After 18 months, the case — once it was tested — proved to have no merit, and the prosecutor expressed doubt whether the remaining conspiracy count against Mellow could be proved.

As is the right of any Pennsylvania resident facing criminal charges, Mellow challenged the case that the state intended to present against him. It is likely that he and his defense team conducted a thorough review of the evidence and challenged the validity of the allegations which resulted in them effectively dismantling the case. He has successfully cleared his name in this public corruption matter and is free to focus on putting the pieces of his life back together once again.

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