Former honored police officer vindicated in dropped rape charges

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Sex Crimes

A few years ago, a former Pennsylvania officer was recognized for his actions on the job during President Obama’s State of the Union address, as the officer sat by the side of the First Lady. He was honored after he had suffered a shotgun wound to his face while attempting to apprehend someone. More recently, rape charges filed against him were dropped.

The man was the subject of several allegations, including the rape charges, for over a year. He has already spent that much time in jail awaiting court proceedings regarding the accusations for which he was arrested. His bail for the alleged charges was reportedly in excess of $59 million at one time.

He was accused of raping two women while holding a gun on them. Additionally, he was charged with human trafficking and drug allegations. His defense counsel was able to convince the prosecutors to drop the rape charges after the credibility of the witnesses was called into question during pre-trial motions.

The accused former officer initially entered a guilty plea to some of the lesser charges in order to possibly be sentenced to time served; however, he later decided to withdraw it. Working together with his defense team, he was able to prove that the Pennsylvania prosecutor’s case regarding the rape charges lacked any credible evidence against him. He was recently freed from the local jail, although he still faces felony charges related to a dispute with a former significant other, which he also intends to challenge through the criminal justice system in our state.

Source:, “Rape charges dropped against former officer“, Ayana Jones, Sept. 29, 2014