2 Pennsylvania men face drug charges after investigation

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Drug Charges, Firm News

Two individuals have been arrested following an investigation that started in September. The two Pennsylvania men face a number of drug charges, including possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Reportedly, members of the community made a series of complaints related to drug trafficking in the area.

Authorities reportedly discovered that a man and other individuals were involved in numerous transactions with marijuana. The man was also accused of extracting THC from marijuana to make it into an edible form. In recent weeks, an undercover officer reportedly made purchases on multiple occasions from the alleged drug dealers.  Eventually, a search warrant was issued and authorities say they found records of sales and snacks containing THC. They also claim to have found three bags of marijuana and two digital scales.

On a recent Monday, a search warrant was issued for another suspect, and authorities reportedly discovered multiple bags of marijuana and a large amount of cash. They also say they found a digital scale and a cell phone. He was placed under arrest and is being held in a county prison on a $75,000 bail. In addition, there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest for aggravated assault.

Defendants who are faced with drug charges could spend years in prison, depending on the amount of drugs allegedly found and the type of drug. Often, law enforcement officials submit what they believe is evidence to the state in hopes of achieving a conviction. Pennsylvania defendants have the right to challenge the admissibility of evidence, especially if it appears to have been obtained illegally. Each accused person must now focus on the charges with a view toward preparing a defense that is in their individual best interests and focused on achieving a favorable result.

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