13 face various drug charges after Pennsylvania investigation

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Drug Charges

Recently, the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General filed criminal charges against 13 people from various backgrounds. It is alleged that the individuals were all engaged to varying degrees in a steroid and prescription medication drug operation. While not all of those charged were believed to have been involved in all aspects of the operation, all are facing drug charges of one type or another.

The arrests were announced in early October, and among those accused is a pro athlete, along with several prison guards. According to the reports, a search warrant was obtained for a residence where officials reported finding massive quantities of anabolic steroid ingredients, pills and liquids. In addition, they purportedly discovered the chemicals needed to produce finished steroid products along with various equipment used in the process.

Another search of a second residence supposedly yielded similar items along with over $440,000 in cash. The football player who was arrested signed a contract with the Dallas Cowboys earlier in 2014, but was released after he suffered an injury. The prison guards were employed at two separate facilities in Pennsylvania. Apparently, a probation officer was also arrested and charged. He was placed on unpaid suspension and is scheduled to have a possible termination hearing in the near future.

Many of the accused are facing serious allegations and will need to be prepared to face the accusations. They, along with their individual defense teams, will conduct their own assessments of the drug charges. Each will prepare to vigorously challenge any allegations while also exploring any options that may be presented to them in order to arrive at the best possible outcome in these circumstances.

Source: Fox News, “Pennsylvania steroid ring bust nets prison guards, free agent who signed with Dallas Cowboys“, , Oct. 1, 2014