Woman allegedly intoxicated for hearing on drunk driving charges

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Drunk Driving

Being accused of a crime can have a devastating effect on a person’s life, especially if the state gains a conviction. The implications of a conviction for drunk driving charges can prevent one from not only driving a car, but obtaining employment and desired housing as well. In addition to suspended driving privileges and fines, Pennsylvania laws also dictate prison time for repeat offenders within a certain time period.

One woman who was apparently charged with a DUI in May was recently scheduled to have an arraignment on the charges related to that incident. However, according to the report, the 47-year-old woman appeared before the judge while purportedly in an inebriated state. She apparently took a taxi cab for her scheduled hearing and did not drive herself.

At that time, the judge ordered the woman to be taken into custody until she was able to return to sobriety. She was also reportedly charged with public intoxication. She was granted a continuance of the criminal proceedings until later in the fall.

This Pennsylvania woman is still facing the drunk driving charges from the first alleged incident and now has the new charges to contend with as well. She will now confront the charges and will prepare a defense that will best address her current situation. In addition to challenging the accusations and the evidence upon which they are based, her defense counsel may explore the possibility of a plea agreement to cover all outstanding allegations and charges. Ultimately, the decision for how to proceed and what is best in these circumstances rests with the woman who has been formally charged, and she has every right to pursue a defense that she believes to be in her own unique interests.

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