Pennsylvania woman facing false identification, DUI charges

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Drunk Driving

The relationship between siblings can be a love-hate affair in many circumstances. However, when the chips are down, one can often call upon a sibling to help them out, even when facing DUI charges. However, one Pennsylvania woman has been accused of taking that relationship too far.

Recently, a call was placed to law enforcement in a Pennsylvania county concerning a car being driven erratically. When officers respond to the area, they say they found an intoxicated woman was driving the vehicle. Reportedly, she was having difficulty standing without losing her balance. According to the arresting officers, when asked to identify herself, she supposedly gave them her sister’s name.

When the police ran a check on the identity, the information they received indicated that the sister died in 2010. The driver was then subsequently arrested and taken into custody on charges that included providing a false identity. Despite the noted observations of the police, it is not clear whether she was administered any sobriety tests on scene to support the DUI charge.  The woman recently waived her rights to a preliminary hearing on the charges and she will now await further proceedings.

The 35-year-old driver is guaranteed her rights to a fair and impartial trial concerning the false identification and DUI charges. She is also entitled, along with her defense counsel, to scrutinize the evidence that the prosecution intends to present against her during her trial and to present her own defense against the formal accusations. With the assistance of her defense team, she may also explore the options that may be available to her in order to pursue a favorable outcome that is in her own best interests.

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