Brother takes deal in criminal defense after baby shower brawl

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Following a fight that occurred at a baby shower, the brother of the mom-to-be has been sentenced in his criminal case. The Pennsylvania man allegedly became intoxicated and started to fight with other family members. The man accepted a plea deal in his criminal defense, and the punishment for his criminal charges was reduced.

At the June 8 baby shower, the man — who turned 21 while in police custody during the criminal process — started drinking and got into an argument with his pregnant sister. He supposedly grabbed her near her neck, and their father was forced to wrestle the son to the ground. At one point, another relative had to hit the son with a table in order to get him away from his father. The son reportedly went upstairs, climbed on the roof of the home and jumped onto a neighbor’s roof in order to escape the party.

The police were called to the scene, and the first time they found him, he reportedly ran away. The officers later found him and arrested him, but he supposedly put up resistance and an officer was injured. The original charges, as well as their potential punishments, are unknown. The son accepted a plea bargain, and he was sentenced to between four and 23 months in jail. However, he was granted immediate parole on the condition that he go to a treatment facility for drugs and alcohol.

Not every Pennsylvania case will receive the option to negotiate a plea deal. For this man, the deal reduced the punishment for the criminal charges against him. He presumably accepted the deal in his criminal defense because he thought it was in his best interest; however, those offered a deal always have the option to reject it and defend themselves in court.

Source:, “Catasauqua man accused of brawl at sister’s baby shower reaches plea deal“, Sarah Cassi, Aug. 26, 2014