Pennsylvania prison employee facing theft charges

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Theft & Property Crimes

A woman who was employed as a clerk in charge of an employee fund at a Pennsylvania state correction facility was placed on suspension earlier in the year. She has now been formally accused of taking money from an employee fund and is facing theft charges. She presented herself to authorities and has been released on bail.

The allegations stem from when the woman was a clerical supervisor in the prison. She was later requested to turn over the records of the accounts to new officers, which she allegedly refused to do initially. When she complied with an order from her superior, the financial documents were turned over to an accountant for inspection. At that time, the account in question was reportedly short by $8,000.

A full investigation was apparently undertaken by the state’s Department of Corrections Special Investigations Department. This audit supposedly showed that over $73,000 was unaccounted for. The fund is supported by cash receipts from vending machine sales and is used for various employee activities. Search warrants were secured to conduct an investigation into the woman’s personal banking activities, which were alleged to have turned up questionable deposits and withdrawals.

The woman apparently claimed that the cash deposits were composed of money she received from her former spouse. Currently, she is awaiting further legal proceedings regarding the theft charges and alleged illegal use of a home computer. She is ensured of her rights to challenge the case that the state is preparing against her. Additionally, her defense team will work to protect her right to a fair and impartial trial. It is up to Pennsylvania prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the charges are correct and that the woman is actually guilty of the accusations made against her.

Source:, “Theft charges filed against state prison clerk“, Edward Lewis, Aug. 8, 2014